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4 Reasons for K-12 Schools to Go Digital

Teaching the next generation is no small feat. Technology can hinder, but it can also help. A recent report from Technavio estimates that the use of digital signage in the education sector will grow 10% by 2021. This growth will mostly be driven by the need for a better way to communicate with parents, teachers, and students. As one of the industry experts in the strategic use of digital signage and technology, we have some of our own ideas about why schools should go digital.

Here are the top 4:

Save Time and Money

Your budget is small but your goals are big. When you use digital signage as a part of your strategy to communicate important updates, it cuts down on designing, cutting out, and sending home flyers. Simply create editable digital signage templates for things like lunch menus, announcements, and staff reminders/training. These can be switched out in minutes leaving you with more time to enrich young minds!

Communicate Better

It can be tough to communicate all the necessary information with parents, teachers and students. Not only does communicating digitally help save time (see above), but it also helps make your message timely and more memorable. You can customize your message with strategically placed screens. Place boards filled with reminders in common hallways, by front doors, and other high-traffic areas. Use a time-bound dayparting feature to customize messages in the morning, during school hours, and after school for different audiences.

Make sure your message is memorable. Flyers get crumpled at the bottom of backpacks and message boards are easily ignored. Digital signage, on the other hand, has a high recall rate. About 47% of viewers recall a message they saw digitally after 30 days.

More Engaged Students

Whether we like it or not, kids these days are growing up surrounded by technology. It’s becoming increasingly vital that we teach them positive and productive ways to use the resources all around them. What better way than including tech in the way we teach? Digital resources interactive whiteboards, digital displays, tablets, laptops, and more.

STEM Success

STEM education is a huge part of preparing our students for the future. Including technology, like tablets or laptops, in our classrooms leads to opportunities to expose kids to the skills that can help them down the road. Teach them math, science, and even literacy through curriculum designed to also give them real-world skills like coding, media literacy, and problem-solving.

Technology is changing the way our kids learn and the way teachers teach. Incorporating technology in high-impact ways can help you harness all the powers of tech while saving your staff time and money.

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