Digital Signage for Employee Engagement

A recent study by Gallup found that on average, only 32 percent of workers feel engaged at their place of work. Unengaged employees are less likely to perform at high levels and more likely to leave the company for a more appealing opportunity. So, what do we do? Perks like flexible work schedules and clear communication with a direct manager can help. So can a digital signage strategy focused on communicating with and engaging employees. Placing digital displays in strategic places like breakrooms, entry areas, meeting areas, and more can make it easier to engage your employees.

Here are 8 ideas to make the most of your internal communication digital signage strategy.

Birthdays, Company Anniversaries, and More

Recognizing your employee’s birthdays and company anniversaries with the company is a small gesture that goes a long way. Make sure each employee feels noticed and cared about with a personalized birthday or anniversary shoutout on digital displays placed strategically around the office.

Eye-Catching Announcements

Whether it’s open enrollment, the company party, or a company holiday, make sure everyone is up-to-date on what’s going on around the office. A customized template on your digital displays replaces old paper fliers and creates a more memorable experience.

Reach Your Goals

Step one is to set ambitious goals, step two is to make a plan, and step three is to keep everyone motivated. Make sure everyone remembers long after the goals are made with reminders on your digital displays placed in memorable areas like the break room and entry area.

Praise, Applause, and Congratulations

All anyone really wants is to be noticed and cared about. Make sure your employees feel like you care about them and their good work with rotating messages that praise a team or individual for their great work.

We’re Hiring!

It may seem counterintuitive, but letting current employees know about other opportunities within the company can make them feel more engaged. If an employee isn’t entirely happy with their current work, they might be happier and more engaged doing something else. It also signals to employees that the company is growing and investing in the most important resource – people.

Personal Development

In the study mentioned previously, they found that lack of development and growth was one of the main reasons that people leave a job. Digital signage creates a unique opportunity to provide quick tips and information and to publicize opportunities for employees to learn more, grow, or participate in company initiatives.

We’re on a Mission

Include everyone in your company mission by making sure that they’re aware and tuned in to where the company is going. Highlight different pieces of the mission statement with rotating messages on your digital displays.

Work Quality Statistics

This is particularly helpful in manufacturing and shipping environments but can be equally applicable in almost any environment. You can highlight how many days it has been since an incident, how many orders are waiting to be packed and how many your team has shipped, how many happy customers have been served, and positive comments from customers.

Increasing employee engagement isn’t just a nice idea, it will also save you money. Disengaged employees cost organizations between $450 and $550 billion per year.

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