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7 Reasons to Integrate Digital Signage in K-12 Schools

Engaging students, faculty and staff in the K-12 schools is valuable to build a connected community for everyone. Having digital signage in your school can connect everyone in the school system and the surrounding community.

Students are now are more digitally tech savvy than any other generation. This makes digital signage important for schools because students are more likely to engage with these technologies than with overhead projectors or paper. Statistics show that 83% of people who saw a digital display remembered the message later.

Having these messages displayed on digital signage helps administrators, staff, and faculty enable them to:

  • Post school announcements and update them whenever and wherever you want

    There are many events, programs and announcements that are advertised in schools. When is AP registration? Does the school play have auditions soon? Is the football game this weekend? There is so much information circulating through schools and digital signage is one of the easiest ways to keep everyone in the school informed of this through circulating content on screens throughout the school.

  • Have interactive lessons to get students more involved

    It’s hard to keep students active in listening and engaging in the classroom. Having an interactive screen where students and teachers can participate is what the future needs for learning.

  • Advertise postings for school events to up attendance

    Sometimes it’s hard to get attendance up for certain sports games, plays, or extracurricular activities put on by the school. And sometimes those events have a change of plans. If advertised through paper flyers, or bulletins, those events could mislead students or faculty leading to lower attendance because of bad information. Having circulating content that can be changed is the best solution through easily changing information online to fit new schedules and events.

  • Have teacher-only messages

    There are certain announcements that only teachers need to know. Before and after school might be the best way to inform them of conferences, meetings, and other important information. Through scheduled content, you can catch the teacher’s attention!

  • Offer building directories and wayfinding maps for new visitors

    When new students or officials come to school, they might have no idea where to go! Even current students might not know where their new classes are. We’ve all been there. Having maps on screens that can be adapted to the areas they are in can cause less confusion and easier access for students and others who have no idea where they are going.

  • Lower costs, increase savings, and be green by using less paper

    Everyone is trying to be green! It saves the planet we live in, after all. Changing from paper to digital can bring your school one step closer to saving your green home. The cost of paper can become expensive, especially with paper tests, notebooks, flyers, announcements, etc. Converting to digital signage can take away a lot of excess paper that will end up on the ground.

  • Benefit all ages, schools, and community

    Engaging everyone in what schools offer is critical in educating not only students, but teachers, faculty, community members, and parents. People want to get involved and be a part of something! Displaying information through digital signage can help those who want to be involved feel included because the messages are for them and everyone who wants those opportunities.

Engaging students, faculty, and staff in the K-12 schools is valuable to build a connected community for everyone. Through digital signage engagement is easier than ever. Through changing content easily, scheduled messages, saving paper, and engaging learning.