4 Ways to Increase Meeting Productivity with Technology

Your organization is full of busy people trying to get stuff done. Meetings, although necessary, can feel like a drain on your most valuable commodity – time. Do meetings better with these 5 tech fixes to this all to common problem.

Interactive Whiteboards

Bridge the gap between your laptop and the whiteboard with an interactive whiteboard. This innovative tool helps you import images to display, can mirror any smart device or laptop screen, and can send your whiteboard notes directly to your meeting attendees’ emails. You can even display the exact same whiteboard when it’s time to revisit the previous meeting. Upgrade your old whiteboard for its new, techy big brother to save time and increase engagement.

Reserve the Room

We’ve all been there – you’re sure you reserved the room but so is Joe from Marketing. Now comes the inevitable standoff. Who’s going to take the room? Who’s going to get bumped to another time or room? Will the old standby, rock paper scissors, solve the dispute? Save the time and the headache with digital screens by the door of each conference room listing the schedule.

Make Remote Meetings Better

Conference calls and meetings with remote employees can be tough. How do you make sure that everyone stays engaged? With traditional group phone calls or even a remote video technology, remote participants are bound to miss important information. Get a wide-angle camera with 100 degree field of view to make sure everyone is involved. Don’t forget the speakers! High-quality microphones and speakers help you make sure everyone gets to participate.

Relieve the Strain

We are, of course, talking about eye strain. If your conference room displays require you to dim the lights, close the blinds, or strain your eyes to see the material, it’s time for an upgrade. Conference room displays come in all sizes and budget levels. From giant video walls to single displays, the right solution for your conference room is out there.

From the small start-up to the multi-national corporation, conference rooms are an important part of your company success. Get your meeting spaces right with productivity boosting technology that fits your budget. Contact us today to get your free custom project bid.