When the Utah Jazz decided to remodel their facility, they knew they had to get it right. CIO, BJ VanderLinden, says: "The Utah Jazz is for the community. It’s about bringing the community together and this arena is the central focal point for that."

In order to get it right, they partnered with Samsung and Revel Media Group to pull together the right solutions in the right places. This included over 600 displays throughout the entire facility, including a jumbotron, displays inside the suite areas, and video walls to promote sponsors and upcoming events. These aren’t just any displays. The solution relies on Samsung’s system-on-a-chip (SOC) solution which provides easier setup, fewer failure points, and decreased CAPEX costs. Samsung Business Development Manager, Ed Stock, says: "We came up with an IPTV solution built into our PM series that launched just in time last year to make this remodel happen. All you have to do is plug the CAT5 cable in, power it on, and you have an IPTV decode built into all of our commercial grade panels. In this case where you have 607 displays in the Vivint Arena alone, that’s over $1 million in savings in CAPEX costs for the first year."

On top of the benefits that the SOC displays provided, the Jazz also benefited from the easy-to-use content management system deployed and managed by Revel Media Group. The Revel team also provides event-day onsite help and constant dedicated support. Brian Fitzpatrick, President and CEO of Revel Media Group, says: "We worked very closely with the Jazz to make sure that the way that they were delivering this digital content to their guests was very innovative and in ways that their fans had never seen before."

For the Jazz, the benefits are undeniable. Jamie Galileo, Vice President of Facilities, says: "The displays give us flexibility we’ve never had before. If a client asks for so much advertising or advertising at a specific time or in specific locations, we can accomplish that very easily." BJ VanderLinden, CIO, adds that: "My number one competitor is your living room. This entire technology and engagement, to get the fans and hear their excitement, that’s what draws them back."

To sum up the project as well as the ongoing relationship that Revel Media Group and the Utah Jazz enjoy, Brian says: "We’re not really a digital signage company. We’re a communications company that happens to use digital signage as our medium to help people communicate."

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