Maverik is “Adventure’s First Stop”, selling fuel, snacks and convenience items to people in hundreds of stores across 10 states. This could sound like any number of convenience stores but Maverik has developed a unique brand that sets them apart.

Ernie Harker, Director of Marketing at Maverik, says, "The way Maverik gets people in the door is by creating an experience they can’t get anywhere else. It’s very challenging to get someone’s attention through a static sign. So we started looking at motion graphics and video displays to be able to convey who Maverik is. Not just to sell an item, but convey a deeper connection with a customer."

In order to engage and communicate through motion graphics on video displays, the Maverik team reached out to Revel Media Group. The Maverik and Revel teams came together to assess Maverik’s unique needs and the products available and integrated those products with Revel’s digital display content delivery system for ease of use. Matt Dopp, Founder and CMO at Revel, says "We have a couple of things that are unique with Maverik. Number 1 we’re doing the fountain drink. We actually put a 48 inch SSP into their fountain drink machine to allow them to have a user experience that’s different than what anyone else is doing."

Among the challenges unique to this project was the direct sunlight that many stores are subject to. Revel worked with Samsung to find a product that worked well to fill this need. Ernie says, "One of the things I like about the Samsung product is the ability to change the NIT values, or the brightness, at different times of day. We have some stores that get a lot of direct sunlight so we needed something that was bright enough to compare with the glare that they would see."

Beyond the bright, beautiful, and new displays, Maverik also gained the ability to better communicate specials, promotions, and important information to their customers at each of their locations, all with the click of a few buttons. In addition, the Revel team provides ongoing support to ensure that the displays are functioning at full capacity.

Today, the Revel and Maverik partnership continues to grow, with new stores opening frequently. Ernie says, "Maverik is all about adventure. We sell convenience items, we sell fuel like every other convenience store. The way we differentiate ourselves is through this brand. This brand is best communicated through visual representation. Revel, using Samsung equipment, allows us to communicate that brand better than anything else."

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