The goal of a financial institution is to engage, educate, and inspire customers. Mountain America Credit Union (MACU) does this by creating innovative experiences in their branches where visitors and employees alike can get readily available financial and promotional information on large, engaging displays placed strategically around the branch area.

Jeremy Nelson, VP of Marketing at MACU, says, "Some of the challenges we’ve noticed as a credit union is with new technologies around online and mobile banking, a lot of our members are choosing to use those technologies. One of the challenges with that is that we are seeing some declined traffic to some of our branches. To tackle that challenge we wanted to create a branch environment that was more conducive to more of a relationship."

When MACU approached Revel Media Group with their challenges, Matt Dopp, Founder and Chief of Marketing at Revel Media Group, knew what to do. He says, "One thing that’s really unique is that we’ve tied all of their displays together with music, content, and lighting."

One of the first branches unveiled during the partnership with Revel and MACU was a new build in Kaysville, Utah. About that project Matt says, "They have a lot of windows in the facility so we wanted people to be able to see the displays as they were driving or walking by." With this in mind, they chose to integrate two 1x5 displays and a 3x3 video wall that faces the main road. This strategic approach allowed the displays to have two purposes; one to target people in the branch and one to target people outside of the branch.

The partnership has gone on to include 95 branches all over Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, and their new corporate office in Sandy, Utah. Jeremy says, "Working with Samsung as well as Revel has been a great partnership for us. These TVs are crystal clear, they’re really designed to work well for what we wanted to accomplish. Being able to integrate them together, to be able to integrate that technology has been great."

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