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Digital signage is a multi-purpose tool. Take it from Lifetime Products, a manufacturer and retailer of things like kayaks, swing sets, sheds, basketball hoops, folding tables, and more. Since they handle both the manufacturing and some retail sales of their products, they wanted to be able to communicate with their two audiences - employees and customers - quickly, easily, and effectively.

Digital Signage for Internal Communications

Prior to implementing digital signage, Lifetime Products mainly communicated with their employees through printed materials like flyers and monthly publications. They found that their employees weren’t noticing or consuming the printed materials filled with important information like processes for safety, internal communications campaigns, and announcements about benefits. They decided to try placing a display in the break room of the factory and another in the employee clinic. They immediately noticed a difference. Landon Southwick, Digital Marketing and PR Manager, said "The greatest benefit we’ve received from our partnership is the ability we have to communicate. We feel like our employees now are starting to be more in the loop."

Retail Digital Signage Implementation

Many of the products that Lifetime sells are geared towards fun and entertainment. This presents the opportunity to help people imagine themselves having fun on a paddle board, shooting hoops with the family, or sitting around a folding table at a backyard barbecue. They chose to implement a video wall in many of their retail store locations on which they post aspirational content like videos of the products in use. Southwick says "[Digital Signage] has taken us to a different level on our retail side. We’re able to share some of our content from our wonderful videographers. We’re able to share that with our customers and our customers are able to walk into our store and see some of our products in use."

The Benefit of Digital Signage

Digital signage created the opportunity for Lifetime Products to communicate more effectively with their customers as well as their employees. It helped them share their message and engage their audiences in a better way.

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