In the 30 plus years that Hale Centre Theatre has been a part of the community, they have established themselves as a leader in high-quality community theatre. When it was time to plan for their new theatre complex, they knew they needed to go big. So big, in fact, that their main inspiration with the father of big dreams: Walt Disney himself.

CXO, Quinn Dietlein, says that in order to compete with handheld technology devices like phones and tablets, they knew they needed to create an immersive technological experience that catches the viewer's attention and kept it. This led them to their ambitious plan to create a $20 million stage that can move, raise and lower and be filled with water. He says that this is one of, if not the, most technologically cutting-edge stages in the world.

During the planning phases, Revel Media Group was brought in for our expertise in creating custom digital display solutions. President and CEO, Brian Fitzpatrick, says: "During the initial phase of this theatre when it was all just on paper, LED became a big part of the conversation. As soon as LED became a part of the conversation, we engaged the engineering team at Absen."

Absen contributed their unique solutions that allowed the Revel and Hale teams to bring the original dreams to life, including trapezoidal displays, a jumbotron that can be raised and lowered depending on the set and outdoor displays to promote current and upcoming shows. Alison, Director of Marketing at Absen, says: "For the outside area, Revel and Absen formulated a plan to use our 6mm outdoor LED solution for the digital poster boards. For the lobby area, Revel and Absen formulated a plan to create a more immersive experience for the concession area by utilizing our N series. For the center theatre, the grand prize of the theatre complex, Absen and Revel utilized the N series as well as our new Acclaim series to formulate a more immersive experience for the patrons during every different production."

For Hale Theatre, it has paid to dream big. Quin reports that annual attendance has doubled year over year. Not only that, but other revenue streams have increased as well. Sponsorships have quadrupled and corporate event income has tripled.

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