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Professional Content Right to Your Screen

With just a few clicks, you can send professional marketing messages to the screen in your store, and the screen in your customer’s pocket.

Premade Content at Your Fingertips

Our professionally designed content gallery includes options for menu boards, holidays, employee of the month, announcements, fun facts and more. Our easy to use system allows you to simply select your template, add your content and send it to your screen.

YouTube App

Pull videos from YouTube with just a link. Our system formats the video and sends it straight to your screen.

Social Media Feeds

Encourage your customers to engage with you on social media by highlighting recent posts, positive reviews and more.

Content Feeds

Engage your customers while they wait with interesting facts and news. Our feeds are simple to set up and require no maintenance.

Connect with Your Community

Free with your membership is the ability to connect with the businesses around you. When you connect with a business in your community, your message will go on their screen and theirs will go on yours.

Need Something Custom to Your Needs?

Our creative team is at your service to create custom templates and messages just
for you. Ask your salesperson about purchasing credits to use in our create store.

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