In a world becoming increasingly fast paced, on-demand and interconnected, going to a digital platform is a necessary transition for today’s healthcare provider.

The sheer volume of patients and high demands on physicians are taxing a system that is already under increasing pressure to improve patient throughput without affecting care.

RevelTV will work with you to create a custom TV channel in your facility to educate patients, manage their health care expectations, and create a branded emotional connection with patients while they wait to receive care.

Additionally, with constant changes in coding and other regulations affecting hospital staff, many organizations are deploying digital messaging in employee-facing TV networks to provide continual training, information and education to remain in compliance.


  • -Patient Waiting Areas
  • -Patient Rooms
  • -Self Check-in Kiosks
  • -Touch Screen Directories
  • -Interactive Maps
  • -Operatories
  • -Pharmacies
  • -Cafeterias
  • -Staff Communications


  • -Reduced Perceived Wait Times
  • -Emergency Information
  • -Staff Communications
  • -Patient Services
  • -Guest Services
  • -Enhanced Patient Experience
  • -Community Involvement
  • -Patient & Staff Training
  • -Increased Compliance


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